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what yal talllmmbout!! hitman vs suge certified CRAZY DEBATABLE HEATED CLASSIC BATTLE

his 1st and 3rd were so fuckin dope. 2nd he coasted a bit but whatever, the other two rounds had so much fire in them holy shit. suge snapped too battle was crazy. no idea why people were downplaying that shit lmao

hitmans first was actually fuckin crazy. like the remix was dope but he had so much other shit in it that the remix was more of a supplement than a dependency like it kinda has been his last few. to put it into perspective, i think i was like "HERES THE REMIX" like 6 times before it actually happened because of all the times he spat some cold shit that woulda been remix-worthy any other battle.!!!!!!!!

hitman's second was a throwaway basically; it wasnt bad, but with the dead crowd it seemed worse than it was. but hitmans only good second round was vs ars and suge is known for his second rounds so it makes sense thatd be his throwaway around. u just cant have 3 crazy rounds the way hitman battles. even 2 is hard to believe. i cant think of any battler that has ever matched the magnitude of a hitman 1st for 3 straight rounds, and ur follow up rounds always look worse by comparison anyway. that said his third was fucking wild. he spat some real shit.

its kinda hard to explain why suge was so dope. his energy was through the roof and he came with his aggression but not in that same ol big bad bully kind of way. he wasnt shoving hitman around, wasnt doing none of that he was just spitting cold bars. he was hella comfortable there too which helped him out a lot; i dont think he woulda looked as good in another setting tbh BUT thats only if u factor in crowds and shit

battle was a classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only problem with it was the crowd. they just werent fucking with the bars like they shoulda been. if this was a hype SM or NOME crowd it would've been perfect


i think the reason so many fuck boys keep talking about how it didnt live up to whatever comes down to two things;

1. its a grudge match YEARS in the making. anything with years of build up will literally never live up to expectations cuz ppl expect too much. this is true for like almost everything

2. ppl didnt think it lived up to the hype cuz they were respectful to each other while the other was rapping on stage and people wanted em to get scrappy., shovin each other, pocket taps and shit. but if the two genuinely dont like each other then that shit cant happen cuz shit would actually go down.. not like when two dudes have no feelin towards each other and they get to shoving and pock checking on stage. they can let it go cuz they dont dislike the dude.

HITMAN 2-1 WILL REWATCH THIS BATTLE PLENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
battle rap sucks tbh


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