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Originally Posted by All Day View Post
The Royal Rumble coming down to Dean Ambrose and Triple H was unexpected and cool. I was fine with Triple H wining but I wish it would've been more of an Ambrose vs HHH feud going forward into WM.

I was looking forward to Undertaker vs Cena but Shane coming back was incredible. That'll be a good one. Although I'd like to find out why Undertaker is so motivated to fight Shane just because Vince said to.

other than that, I'd like to see

Charlotte vs Sasha, no Becky (divas title)

Owens vs Styles (IC title)

Dudleys vs New Day, some type of hardcore match (tag titles)

Bray Wyatt vs Lesnar

Reigns vs Jericho (it was hard coming up with something for Reigns)
Bolded match is happening at Roadblock. Too bad it'll be a squash. Bray needs to go over more. He's getting stale, because of this burial booking.

Here's how I book the Royal Rumble, and Fastlane(main events only for now, I'll fill in more in the OP, or in future posts.)

Roman goes over in the Rumble.(I know, I get boo'd, it's whatever, it's worth it for the swerve.) Once Reigns goes over, Fastlane becomes Dean vs. Brock in a singles match.(Alternatively, Brock could be substituted for HHH to protect Brock. But, I like Ambrose/Lesnar in a match. It's a draw.) Roman Reigns interferes in the Brock/Dean match, helping Dean win. Reigns, on Raw the following night, expresses that he helped Dean because he didn't think Dean could win on his own. This leads to a (slow burning)Reigns heel turn going into Mania for Dean/Roman.
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