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Feral Linguist is not the worst person
fuck it why not, what are your 20 favorite battles after all this time...

for whatever reason, could be a bodybag, could be that it was just overall great

sno v money bagz
sno v ty law
b-magic v ty law
b-magic v chef trez
loaded lux v hollow da don

rone v nils m/skils
henry bowers & oshea v illmac & the saurus
young gattas v looney divine
bender v tumi
gin i grindith v kadence

big t v tsu surf
cadalack ron v tantrum
cadalack ron v AB hoggish
konshis pilot v ace boogie
nu jerzey twork v ripp

Q.P. S.O.N.S v cadalack ron
Q.P. S.O.N.S v fresco
Qleen Paper v Bill Collector
Q.P. S.O.N.S. v Bill Collector
pat stay v hollohan
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