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Originally Posted by peace View Post
there seems to be a lot of ambiguity when talking about the tiers of battle rap, so i'll give this a shot.

this is only my opinion. i say it's only my opinion because i'm open to discuss this and change my mind. i do think that i'm on the right track, though. feel free to point out the flaws if you disagree.

sorry for the length. twss.

Top Tier

top tiers are battlers who are able to regularly (key phrase: are *able* to regularly) headline grand events for one of the 3 major leagues. i'm talking about world domination, blackout, nome, summer madness, DF birthday warmup, checkpoint, etc. etc. if you're not among these battlers, then you're not top tier. simple as that.

The Icons
the absolute kings of battle rap. no one can touch their prestige. basically, this means only mook and lux, but hollow can be here with time.

The Rest

examples: charlie clips, tay roc, pat stay, dizaster, shotty horroh, tony d.

Mid Tier

Upper-mid Tier
battlers who can definitely draw attention but just not at the level of top tiers. they can be the headline of smaller (but not irrelevant) events. for example, smaller URL NY events, KOTD cali, DFUSA, etc. upper-mids can share a headline against top tiers, but only rarely do they headline anything bigger than what i just mentioned.

examples: john john da don, k-shine, dna, chilla jones, daylyt, charron, rone, bigg k, soul, raptor, ogmios.

Middle-mid Tier
right in the middle. whether or not they can headline a small, but relevant event depends on the league. DFUSA seems to be more liberal with letting mid-carders headline, but URL NY and KOTD cali... eh, not as much. most mid-carders typically aren't household names and can easily be the main event of local events.

examples: e ness, determination over trust!!!!!, madflex, sketch menace, ch-ch-cheddaaaa.

depending on their talent, popularity, skill, or relationship with the league they're under, beef with a certain battler, etc., others can be able to reach out into upper-mid tier opponents. (this is a bit confusing as it somewhat distorts the fine line between upper-mid tier and mid tier).

examples: th3 saga, gjonaj, qp (sons), uno lavoz, big kannon, ness lee, kid twist, 100 bulletz, pedro, quill.

Lower-mid Tier
battlers who hold little relevance for whatever particular reason. fresh GZ and training days graduates are here, but it's safe to say that some guys who are still in the PGs are here too.

examples of developmental graduates: jay rell is the only one i can think of. BUT... soon there will be ya boy dank schrader!!!!, frak, coma, illipsis, isaac knox, and i know i'm forgetting a few others.

PG examples: mike p and ave have gained enough traction for me to already consider them lower-mid tier.

other examples: anyone who is at the bottom of a card at DF/KOTD event.

Bottom Tier

absolutely no relevance. either a) they're still in developmental leagues or b) you've never heard their name before.
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