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Originally Posted by Ness Lee View Post
i'm cool with that.

but john john, daylyt, dna, and k shine are all very top tier

i also have to add that once damn near every single fan of battle rap knows who you are, you are top tier. i'd at the very least put e ness at the upper mid spot. as well as dot
Look at my post count, and I've never heard of Dot.

I think you'd have to be quite a fanatical Battle-Rap fan to have heard of John John Da Don and maybe even K-Shine. I never heard of either until I was on They're definitely not top-tier in my book. Neither are Daylyt or DNA, but that's mostly due to over-saturation.

Battle-Rap's getting more compartmentalized and segregated again, so just because you're renowned in one sub-category of battle-rap, doesn't mean you're gonna be a universal icon who everybody recognizes.
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