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Originally Posted by iamHBY View Post
Here's who I thought won tonight in the building:

Emerson Kennedy 2-1, 1st and 2nd, against B-Dot in a great battle to set the event off.

Danny Myers 2-1, 2nd and 3rd, against Glueazy in a solid battle on 1 week prep.

I can't call Ave vs. Geechi Gotti, but to me that was the most debatable battle of the entire event.

Ill Will 2-1, 2nd and 3rd, against a Shotgun Suge that started off with some solid momentum, but then ended up kind of tapering off before he choked and abruptly ended his 3rd (I guess he was going to pocket check Will at some point? I dunno).

T-Top 3-0, against a pretty solid JC (I think the 2nd round is the most debatable round), but T-Top had a lot of fuckin' heavy and clever punches in the 1st, and by the time he got to the dancer in the 3rd, Top pretty much had the room in the palm of his hand.

Rum Nitty 3-0 edge against DNA. DNA had a decent concept in the 2nd regarding Nitty's writing process, but I thought Rum Nitty kind of outclassed him in every round.

Aktive and the crowd 6,000,000,000-0 against Billy Boondocks in a battle that wasn't on the PPV. Billy kept repeating some mediocre bars about having 1.1 million views as a battler, and how he was vaulted twice on URL, before getting a "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" chant from the crowd (Billy also threatened to fight Smack, and pretty much everyone in the building).

Dizaster 2-1, 1st and 2nd, against Tay Roc in a battle that felt somewhat underwhelming to me (then again, I was exhausted and wanted to get the fuck out of there by the time this match happened).

That said, I had a lot of fun at Traffic 3, and hopefully Beasley brings NOME to Los Angeles, the crowd was really on point tonight.

you're the only person i've seen suggest danny or dizaster even won a round let alone the battle
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