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Dear Diary is better than Grind Time AustraliaDear Diary is better than Grind Time Australia
Originally Posted by JR77 View Post
"The first give away, the title! C TRUE Hollywood stories! Itís a contradiction, the album is filled with lies, as is the quality of the album, poor beats, poor concepts, poor everything, coincidence?

I know everyone thinks its just a poor album, but your wrong, itís the start, itís the most influential, after this album canibus had no going back"

if you actually listen to the album, it's very obviously a parody of the kind of shit that was put out in the mainstream at the time. that doesn't necessarily means it's a good album, or that "it's the start, it's the most influential", but still.
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id think if you are a virgin by choice, you have probably got the self respect and common sense to wash your butt crack every once in a while
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