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Originally Posted by The Wrist View Post
I fully expected this to be trash just because most stuff is...but the hype on it from the festival shopping seems to be solid could be good.....but there's no way I'm goin' to a theater for this or subscribing to youtube red so......soooooooooo......I dunno ...has youtube bought a movie this way before? will they rent elsewhere? would rent elsewhere
Not sure how it works honestly, but I did notice that some youtube red movies are available on there for individual purchase, I think youtube has bought a few movies already but probably none with this amount of hype or any that will possibly be this good, I never seen a youtube red movie that caught my eye, and for people praising Netflix so much the only movie that sparked my interest was bright.

I don't expect this movie to be a masterpiece but I fully expect that it will be entertaining as fuck.
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