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ErikForeman is better than Grind Time AntarcticaErikForeman is better than Grind Time AntarcticaErikForeman is better than Grind Time Antarctica
Originally Posted by Neanderthol View Post
I like willy,brownz,bo jangles, on that tip
I like Marty,jujitsu, and Ricky
Ironically after a shameful spat we had ggyea has had some really good points here and there

There's a bunch really but coming from someone who has literally spoke nothing but the absolute gospel on this site for years to little to no acclaim I doubt it maters what I think

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You've been on my radar

Always on point. You should get an avatar because that usually helps me remember who someone is
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Originally Posted by uuuununnn View Post
erik foreman is like the vince mcmahon of this shit ...
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holy shit FOREMAN is a ruthless mother fcker!!! he sees an idea working and makes it his own. ur a sly businessman my friend. crushing the opposition every chance u get.
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