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Originally Posted by King Fly View Post
well - our VOD (where we dont have a live PPV) - happens about once a year, if that
Originally Posted by ThisIsBattleRap View Post
Lol @kingfly you cant say my post doesn't apply, when KOTD are currently exploring the VOD option. You brought up live PPV, but we are discussing VOD here which is what my post was based on.

Early access only appeals to the diehard fan. If the VOD was of higher quality, with bonus features it is more likely to appeal to the casual fan, which is the bigger market of the two (diehard and casual). In addition the VOD on the KOTD channel has been promoted poorly and even the live PPV option for events is promoted poorly. Better promotion is required for both.
my quote is why i say it doesnt apply. ONLY vod isnt something we do very often if at all. we experimented with it this way on youtube once - yes, are we going to do it again - probably not. (it was about seeing how the new feature worked on youtube more than anything else)

yes the vod on the kotd channel was 1000000000% poorly promoted - as i pointed out in my first post that you quoted from.
The live option for events is also not promoted poorly (it is if this forum is your only source of info) - but there are targeted FB campaigns, adword campaigns, multiple fb/twitter/IG posts DAILY about it, and nearly every single video released on the kotd channel mentions it as well, during events there are PR campaigns that go out to major websites and news outlets. Not sure what else beside take out billboards or print ads in magazines that we could do. Thanks though.

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