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Fingers is not the worst person
Listened to this...

His self-awareness is way off. He claims 'real battle rap' happens in 360 pits ('cept big stage URL battles have dominated for years).

He states rappers are too into performance and other stuff nowadays (same Guy that went full on Samurai, punched a Guy and donned an Adolf mustache tryna go viral).

He claims 'street rappers' don't get enough love on the Bunker (which is waaaay off, considering K, ICE, Tez, DNA, Dose and now them Philly cats have all been there within 6 months). How bout Fabs card coming up?

If the talent he is referring to is Aktive and Klutch it's just cuz...they are t good enough.

He then even insinuated that He vs Hollow might be on URL! Lol.

I respect his love for this shhhhh...but dude is hella delusional.
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