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What up RMBVA

Yoooo it's been a minute since I rolled through here but I'm glad to see things alive & well.

Myself & Mosh Jelton are an unlikely duo that had the most entertaining battle of our careers last month. I didn't see it linked here so enjoy (or don't):

Complex & KO vs Mosh Jelton & Isaac Knox

I also crashed Mosh's battle with Everybody Knows at No Coast X last week to make the 3rd round a 2v2 between us & EK + Real Deal. It was bananas & the PPV is on (includes me v Young Kannon, and battles from Chilla Jones, Real Deal, & A-Class).

Lastly, Mosh & I are teaming up on a KOTD/GZ event in Miami.

Idk how people feel about me here but it's good to be back anyway.
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