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Triptych is better than Grind Time AustraliaTriptych is better than Grind Time AustraliaTriptych is better than Grind Time Australia
vs. Big T

"Happy Easter. I'm not too religious, to me that shit's all superstition
but I will have blood running down a Big T like a crucifixion.
My music teachers were Schooly D and Louis Prima.
You doing tributes to Aretha, you the hugest diva.
I'm feeling like the Cuban leader that overthrew Batista.
I could rule for fifty years, I think it's time I threw my feet up.
This here's the new Katrina, that's real, cause when I kick his leg out
You gonna see a useless FEMA."

"Big T, you big, T, but you ain't got no BIG in ya.
I'm nice, I got Jesus Christ looking like Caligula.
Uppercut take off half your grill like Richard Harrow
With a hook that'll take your brain out your face like an Egyptian Pharaoh."

"Fuck it, I'll put your home address on blast just out of spite
So every week you can get that G-check at your front door, that's lucky for life."

"Prop Joe, you don't clock dough, you funny son of a bitch
Just cause you built like the Kool-Aid man does not mean you're running through bricks."

"I got the urn already, hey, let's see if he worth the mess he made.
When this curved machete blade turns this heavyweight
to a writer sent to an early resting place like Earnest Hemingway.
I'm that tidal wave that comes after you feel the quake in the ground
No words escape from your mouth as you're washed away and you drown.
You should've learned in the Surf battle, when they announced his name to the crowd
Put a T in front of a Tsunami, it should not be making a sound."
Du kommer att ta emot detta arbete.​

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