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Originally Posted by iamHBY View Post
I don't know how to embed tweets or screenshots on here, so I'll just type out this newest exchange I had with Mook today. Out of curiosity, I asked him, "Explain how a lunar eclipse or anything below the equator works, and do you mean to tell me that Antarctica doesn’t exist if you say that there’s no South Pole?" Keep in mind, the day before he said that the South Pole doesn't exist. Here's what his response to me was.

"globe earth Australia to South America should be straight shot not far. Flat earth greatest distance between two points on earth. Ask yourself are there ANY straight flights from Australia to South America"

I proceeded to find a direct, round trip flight for 4 days from Sydney, Australia to Santiago, Chile for a little over $2,000. His response to that was "believe that if u want," and then he abandoned it when I cited another article showing a couple airlines that had planes flying direct from Australia to South America without needing to do a layover elsewhere. Keep in mind, he never got anywhere near my questions about the South Pole or how lunar eclipses work.
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