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Originally Posted by Profess View Post
I like the old school names, your list of WWE guys is better than I would have come up with without using Google to jog my memory. But real talk, what is Geechi's best performance? Dare I say, he just is a consistent B+ performer? Are there any Geechi battles you'd label classic. I liked his battle vs Surf but I think Surf had the bigger moments.
Geechi vs Goodz is actually a really good match up. CAuse both have the ability to take the steam out of their opponents performances. Ala what Geechi did to Roc in the 1st round, probably my favorite of his to answer your question.

I don't think over exposure really impacts Geechi much tbh. If you rely more heavy on imagery, real talk, and have a top tier delivery, you will be hard to CLEARLY beat in most spots. HE beat Ice kind of easily imo, and that isn't easy to do. I think he is a more witty version of Calicoe tbh.

Goodz was kind of nonchalant about his boy Ah Di Boom's situation after the Bigg K battle. I'd be surprised if he doesn't have some material about that, same as Goodz will have about Avo.
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