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RMBVA Chalked Out Presents: Ken I. Kickett vs. RandallFlagg

@Ken I. Kickett

Randall??!! <thats ur alias?
He must be a dude who tries to invent pain.
Trust me when i decide its game time/9's Aimed.
Unlucky son of a bum respect's Gained!!! <faacts b.
I can tell you're uncreative by your labled event names. 4

Every symptom having sickness-to any newb on the hitlist I'm way iller than jet lag. <Brah
Step back.
Any infractions will get Randall red flagged.
Never fly off top, i can tell how you order your soup.
I wouldn't wish to trade places with you or Mortimer, duke.8

Yer styles 'Storage Unit antique ' Cheap,< just guessing really.)
Weak imposed, freak show Not provocative .
Dj's a passfist actin like he control the populous.
I mach speed all over roads...
to all of your predisposed accomplishments
I been atop metropolis Now
We uphold the politics no
Leopold Bratswanowitz.12. <don't google him

Scheming on immediate ways to
Kill comedians.
While you stressin, no dough for the delicatessen.
Aint fit, or built for the stage. Remain obedient.
Tell ya mom's im back on the block, crack steppin...


I don't care about "personals" or your name ; I aim for the neck
You only flip flagg as a sign of distress
This is bar for bar and mine are bar none the best
Yall will see the difference between a PG and a seasoned vet

Got all types of work at home so I can stack the bones and chicken
I can push any ki/key like I'm Homer Simpson
Already hes wishin' his opponent was different
Pockets ripped open like goin' through a group of homeless children

My speed keeps the fiends rearranging their furniture
I got the cleanest ice like an Olympic curler
Your girls the freak type only likes guys who will hurt her
That's why she wants to hang in 10 like a professional surfer

Walk on my porch and the buckshot will spread like a virus
Leave your core divided; on the fence like you're undecided
Knife his corpse up in the woods so the critters can find it
The butterflies in his stomach wont mean hes excited
Originally Posted by ErikForeman View Post
scooby doo line was nice no lie

but con go line made a don demarco come out my speakers for no reason
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