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Originally Posted by GMajor View Post
Funny how true the "no such thing as bad press" saying is. I never heard of either of these guys before this thread was posted. Curiosity forced me to at least watch a minute of each one battling (and lookup Hindu's Twitter page for jokes)

Wonder if Hindu Rock will edit his Twitter profile now:

"Gawd @HinduRock

South Florida big shot, shit talker, occasional street brawler, host, battle rapper, and event coordinator for @Artofwar_305"

Kinda shitty to have that go down at an event you coordinated...AND have to pay the dude that dropped you (probably all of the ticket money).
LOL occasional street brawler

what a bonehead

dude lands 0 shots and loses 10-7 in a 30 second fight and then uses it to try and look cool
I'm only fucking with bosses like Shadow of the Colossus

"Nigga, I'll untwist your corn rows with a crossbow and toss your lost soul to the crossroads." - Pumpkinhead (RIP)
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