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Originally Posted by riffic View Post

"allright well obviously im not gay and we kill gay people in my country and i am completely fine with that. The one thing i hate about canada is the fact that fags can get married. Fresco looks like a fucking fag so i did nothing but gay jokes and if i battled him again, i would use the same lines.
thing is, i thought it was a hilarious line. its cause i was tyring to say that fresco looks so much like a broad and that i wanted to fuck him untill i found out hes a guy.
i just love the fact that you guys are all making threads and talking about one line.
also i heard that after the battle, fresco kept telling dudes about different girls that he fucks and they told me that thats the only thing he talked about. thats like me going around and saying i eat nothing but fruits and salads and workout all day. i kind of find that suspect. bottom line is, as long as i eat those burgers and fried pieces of chicken, im gonna get dissed for my weight and as long as he styles his hair and wear aviators to a battle, hes gonna get dissed for being a faggot.
Another reason why i dropped that line is because i wanted to say the gayest shit possible and still look like more of a man that fresco. and yes it worked. might have not worked on this site, but people enjoyed it and once again, i battle for the moment, not for threads and
also, where im from(iran), guys tell other guys "im gonna fuck the shit out of you" and that means im gonna fucking kill you or beat the shit out of you. it doesnt actually mean i wanna stick my dick in your ass. so i dont find it gay at all.
and as for getting my ass licked, ill be serious. i had two broads do it to me in my life and its gangster as shit. i allow tresspassing but no entry. and im sure there are mad dudes here who had broads do that. it doesnt happen often in life but its dope when it does. i dont find it gay at all and if you do, youre just jeleous that you never got a girl to lick your ass lol
anyways, you guys can think what you want and i really dont mind."
Thanks man. Wow, this is worse than I could've ever fathomed. This scarred me, the ass licking shit but he's a fucking idiot. For someone from a different culture he doesn't know shit about culture or life outside of where he lives.
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