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Originally Posted by Rant View Post
The biggest reason Reigns doesn't work, is because he isn't getting a heel push. If you check out his brief stint in NXT, his heel promos are DEFINITELY a cut above his face promos. And he just sort of has that natural heel personality.(E.G. Saying during a shoot interview that the fans hate themselves. That's a heel move through and through.)

There are two issues with booking the Rock. 1.) His work schedule is sooooo tight. 2.) He's not cleared to wrestle due to insurance conflicts. But, since this is fantasy booking, it's whatever. Rusev could be really strong.

The rest are pretty solid matches, and Sting/Taker is a dream booking.
I hear yah on Reigns, I'm mixed on him and while I think he would be a very good heel, he already had a heel run in the Shield. I can definitely see them trying to play up to it, but at the same time, the WWE has been pussyfooting with this guy's push, they just need to pull the trigger here, no more changing booking. If it doesn't work out, change shit from there, but don't stop in the middle of it, I think. Still, if they did turn him heel, I wouldn't be upset about it.

Yeah Rock vs Rusev... personally I since the Great One still has a lot of juice left it only makes sense they utilize the guy. Of course, this isn't reality but this is one of those matches that could have a very memorable build up if done right. Of course the two have been in the ring before for promo's and I gotta say I think the whole thing had a natural feeling to it (more so then the stuff with Cena). Rusev is one of those dude's that can be in that Brock Lesnar category if they book him right, hell he was already just about there.
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