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I've only posted here a couple times but I lurk pretty regularly. ux9 was without question one of my favorite posters to read. Good opinions, always hilarious.

This shit hit me harder than you'd think considering I didn't know dude at all. I'm 26 too and first read this news after drinking way too much and the shit really fucked me up.

Idk, I just felt like I hadda say something cause I've been reading through this thread the last few days and it's clear he's had a big impact on this community and I thought it'd be important to state that for everyone who's posting, there's people like me who almost never post here but will still miss seeing this cat around.

Also, I don't know how to embed but I was reading through some of his old tweets and like a year ago he said that he wanted the Ignition remix played at his funeral, just puttin that out there

RIP bruh, this place won't be the same anymore

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