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Thank you @Cabbagetown. Your post brings up some interesting points/questions. I’ll do my best at addressing these in order.

Concerning the inquiry into KOTD’s fall of grace, and the speculation that it has already been addressed. Let's consider that a rhetorical question and just say that there a number of specific hypothesis’ to that question throughout the thread. But in a general sense, a mix of the exchange between @Seanzo and @Water Mage sums it up well: KOTD battles used to reflect the quirky culture of Canadians, but after awhile KOTD had something to prove and tried becoming something its not.

The Mcconaughey Affleck analogy is an interesting one. It sounds like the point of that is that the perceptions of a particular segment aren’t necessarily key indicators of an entities overall value.

Next, is the RBE/KOTD view comparison. Because what we are really doing here is trying to solve the problem of crowning the #2 league or at least forecasting what the pecking order will be in the near future. Now it is my turn for an analogy. So I’m going with a baseball one. Jose Altuve leads MLB with 123 hits, and Mookie Betts leads the MLB with a batting average of .344. In this comparison Altuve is KOTD, and Betts is RBE. And if we are taking your speculation as fact as how youtube values its channels, the batting average is a more important metric than total hits. In other words, RBE has the edge in channel value.

Moving on and strengthening the case of RBE as the #2 league is momentum. Move specifically, the Mook event, and how that is the event of the year. As far as ARP having an outside investor, I think so. I also think that RBE is a group not just one person. I also don’t think that they are going all in, and I think the event will make money. I personally wouldn’t invest in either company due to a lack of information. And I think this issue gets complicated and we’d have to be careful not to oversimplify things. For example, a huge established company like IBM missed a lot of growth by sticking with the mainframe game during the beginning of the PC revolution and that is when Microsoft and Apple started carving their niches. So, I’ll play it safe and just say it depends on more things than just playing it safe or self investing.

And I agree that competition is good for battle rap. Same way the ABA was good for the NBA. The merger brought the 3 point shot, slam dunk contest, drafting underclassmen, faster pace of play, and pressing and trapping defenses.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the Aug 18th RBE event turns out because it might be a defining moment. But let's not pit the leagues against each other. Because I’m sure we can agree that aside from knocking KOTD to a solid #3, that an RBE success doesn’t translate to a nail in the coffin for KOTD. KOTD will have to control their own destiny.

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