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Originally Posted by Casual View Post
DIZASTER #1 Retweeted
John Welshimer‏ @welshdiggidy 21m21 minutes ago
I don't care who he pisses off, where he battles or where he doesn't, @mrdizaster is STILL the best in the world & you STILL gonna watch! ����

isn't that dude from talkback? taking an L if you gotta retweet him tbh

Haha. If this wasn't accompanied by a terrible graphic of Diz battlin in space or something then I'ma be disappointed.
Originally Posted by Kingpen View Post
if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
Originally Posted by pityposter View Post
And yes, I promise you, on everything, you don't want any of this.
Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
there is no point of rewinding 5 times that 7 guys molested okwerdz family 11 times.
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