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Rhapsodist vs Soul Khan

Rhapsodist vs Soul Khan
Jan 26, 2009

Yes! A probably good battle from New York! I've never seen this but I'm excited for Soul Khan. Don't expect much from Rhapsodist but who cares? He's just cannon fodder here.

PK hosted.

Rhapsodist's hometown was 'Western Hemisphere' which is half a planet from saying 'Earth' is your home like you're on Star Trek.

Should opening bars be strong? I kinda think they should be. They set the tone, right? Rhapsodist's first lines were "I heard about you, you wanted to be a jew docta but they wouldn't let you do nada because your face looks like chewbacca". I hate this opener, Soul Khan doesn't look like chewbacca at all and even if he did obviously you can have a weird face and still be a jew doctor. If the part about being a doctor was just a dumb setup to call Soul Khan ugly then that's a lot of wasted multi rhyming for a payoff of zero.

No one's reacting. There's some awkward laughing. He goes up and down in his volume and I know how bad this is going to contrast when Soul Khan starts because Khan's probably going to be way louder right away and get a laugh off his first bar and if that happens Rhapsodist is done.

Yep, Soul Khan's making Rhapsodist look bad. "Right Now we're in Hiphop's HQ and let me tell you, Hip Hop hates you". Soul Khan has got to be one of the all-time greats when it comes to just fullon set-up/punch battling. When time is called he's getting a big cheer and it quiets right down once Rhapsodist starts with "you can't belittle me, saying I'm from italy, when you come from the middle east."

Soul Khan's got another big reaction at the end of his second. Everyone's loving it. The camera starts shaking when Soul Khan says something funny and I think whoever's holding it is laughing or jumping up and down or something.

Man, Rhapsodist was just lameo. Soul Khan won, obviously.
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