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Alright how's everybody feel about this:

@riffic vs. @larry word

@thatguy vs. @Bobby Bigelow

@mulatto mutant vs. @MrMumbles905

@Memphis vs. @Dear Diary

@RandallFlagg vs. @r3flex

Due date will be Sunday, Feb. 26th by midnight with the battles being posted the following monday

we'll do time limits instead of bar limits, between 2:00 and 2:30. opponents will agree on either on beat or acapella, if it's on beat they decide if it's the same one or they each pick their own.

verses should be recorded on a platform that allows for relatively easy posting (soundcloud should work best), and the links should be submitted to me before the deadline
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scooby doo line was nice no lie

but con go line made a don demarco come out my speakers for no reason
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