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Originally Posted by rogermellie View Post
I think his point is that the URL/street side of battling is a much bigger part of battle rap culture, and that their fanbase makes up the majority of battle rap fans. The second statement is definitely true. I would consider Illmac & Thesaurus legends but I can see why someone who is only into the URL side would disagree. Your reactions in this thread are way over the top, and borderline racist in that first one. Saying you feel sorry for other black people for having to clear up his mess, actually that's not borderline.
Keep seeing fans accusing other people of making it about race whilst making it very clear that they focus a lot on race themselvs.
Exactly u clearly peep it.

The sad part is that he genuinely dont think hes racists theres alot of white kids who get a certain type of education where they arent even aware that deep down they think every negroe is inferior...

so can we really blame him??
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