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Originally Posted by Prelec View Post
It was more abuot the univeral sounds at the end of each sentence, but ehres the translation of that part:

moes moes moes(his alias or whatever), look at my clothes ooff/
look at my shoe, ouch, bak(could mean his head, car or a jail) without a roof, bald/
brrrrrr i got a grrrrrrr(weapon)/
i got a kch(weapon?), i hunt for a kcheh(prolly a girl, could be money or even drugs. kcheh as en kech which means a girl, he could also mean the k as in 1000 or a kilo)/
I'm with ph, dont give a f/
say youre sssht, say youre sssht(you say youre silent but if you say your a snitch probably)

have fun with it
haha ik zeg je eerlijk man, blij dat je het vertaald hebt want ik verstond er geen moer van. maar volgens mij zijn dit geen onomatopee's, denk meer aan woorden als tiktak enzeau
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