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Originally Posted by Nick Vayne View Post
It was some time ago. I believe dude's names was Steve Paddy or something.

This one was probably worse since I have an incredibly low tolerance for stupidity. It was around that time last years when WD5 was supposed to happen but got replaced by Flatline I think.
This was roughly how the thread went:
- Girl makes thread saying WD5 will be next and asks if anyone knew the date or something.
- I posted that it wasnt taking place that year and FL was happening next
- Girl: oh but I heard WD5 was next
- Me: Yeah it was supposed to be but it got postponed, FL is next.
- Girl: I'm pretty sure I saw a tweet about WD5
- Me: Yeah that was some time ago. Look, a staff member just posted this *post RMBVA screenshot of KingFly saying WD is postponed, FL is next*
- Girl: but Organik tweeted about WD a few weeks ago
- Me: Yes, this screenshot is from today, they probably just decided to postpone.
- Girl: I don't think that's true cause I was really looking forward to WD
- Random dude: everyone is so confused.. what event is next @ [mod]?
- Me: only [girl] seems to be confused, look at the screenshot, FL is next
- Random dude: k thnx
- Girl: omg ur such a dick
why do u talk to me like that
bla bla girlrage
starts posting personal FB pics of my, my friends & family in the thread

Total fuckey that page not that I mind pics being posted but people throwing fits over others trying to be helpful because they're so inept at reading is just too much.
I'm Steven Padley, and I don't remember a situation like that tbh.
I'm at my seasonal peak.
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