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Originally Posted by Neanderthol View Post
Sorry yall but yes it is corny for Brand Nubian, the Pro-Black, 5 percenter, pioneering hip hop GROUP, to REUNITE to do a diss track to Eminem, the biggest selling white rapper of all time because Em finally responded to a 5 year old comment 1 member made. Let us put aside the fact that 9 times outta 10, had this not occurred and snowballed with all types of added outside opinions and reiterations, Em would have most likely agreed with Jamar that he is a guest in hip hop.
Kind of funny Jamar played the role of a 5 percenter in the show OZ as well

RA The Rugged Man agreed with himself being a guess in hip hop for whats it's worth. Sadat X did tracks with him and Everlast, so I doubt he's as invested in the borderline race baiting as much as Jamar. I agree without the constant Vlad interviews and follow up response vids from others, it wouldn't of been as big of a deal

Don't agree with rappers being so old that they can't perform, rap has to be the only genre that people take shit for being too old to old. David Bowie was literally on his death bed making music. With that being said, I really have no interest in a Lord Jamar response let alone Brand Nubian who doesn't seem invested in this anyway. I get Em being annoyed with Jamar, but he probably should of just bit the bullet and not brought his name back up. The majority of the old school rappers give Em his props for his contributions to the culture anyway, can't please everybody
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