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Originally Posted by Seanzo View Post
Because I can see the IPs and never has an ekelon account and a pityposter account used the same IP.

When pityposter was trying to convince me personally that he was ekelon, and neither were banned, I'd say stuff to ekelon and see if pityposter would know what I said. Never did pityposter figure it out.

Unless pityposter has always hidden his IP (which would be weird considering he's only ever used 2 different ones, implying that he's a homebody who never uses the internet outside his house) and has always rerouted through the exact same place, and has never slipped up in that, or he isn't Ekelon.

I'm going to say that this is still a weird trolling attempt by a poster that no one likes who desperately wants to prove a point no one gives a fuck about. Mainly an issue of pride for a desperate loner.
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