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You can't stand being wrong, it eats at your very soul knowing I surpass you at every aspect of life....that's why you ban me on sight. You read my posts and every hair on your fat ass leg pokes through your skinny jeans...knowing what true originality and relevancy is capable of... my words have altered words have destroyed minds...and you envy it...

You sit in life every day thinking about what you should be, but your cowardice won't let you do it...that's why lions like me have stepped up and taken over...this is why your type of character is losing in your own generation. You cry racism and sexism when you don't get your way and people are tired of're a white knight to any bitch that gives you the slightest attention...which has led you down the losing path in life...

You should thank me, because without me, this wouldn't be what's it is...

You wouldn't be who you are...

(Ekelon told me to tel you that)
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