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Originally Posted by Assassin Ben View Post
Oxxxy had some great moments but to say that he beat Diz shows that the novelty of Oxxxy battle in English has obstructed peoples' ability to judge battles.

Diz won this battle clearly
Yeah agree with the first part of this. But because of Oxxy's language barrier I can't say either guy won or lost. I could see what Oxxy was going for and if he spoke english fluently might have destroyed Diz, but it was just pretty awkward at times. I didn't really care for the preachy shit Oxxy did, I'd rather just hear good bars and good rapping. But if people like the preachy high school debate shit, then they probably think Oxxy 3-0'd Diz.

Diz had the usual problems he always has, tons of build up filler lines to set up for one average punchline. When those come off they work really well but when they fail they really fail. They failed in this battle.

One line that really stuck out to me though was about Diz supporting Trump during the election, as soon as Eminem dissed him, he changed his opinion lol. It must have been hard for Oxxy to have to write bars in another language so he deserves a lot of credit for that.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
The poll on YT is oxxxy: 97% and Diz: 2%
Russians rigged the polls

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