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Originally Posted by Ass Napkin Ed View Post
This is the greatest thing I ever heard

Ill Highlights:

"You lucky I am not Eric Snowden"

"You see what the fuss is about, My girl on her period and I eat her out, she put that blood in my mouth"

"You can't spell Showtime without putting the ho in it"

"I bet Cultured sends you nudes, and it gets your nipples hard"

"You couldn't out due my presence, even if you had a whole list of Christmas bars"

"When they asked what you did to Lil Ill, just say he cooked you on some Hitler shit, I give them a chance to gas you, that's Schindler's List"

NO more excuses like you can't deliver, and who calling a cracker? You fucking............Time"

This shit > Nas's ether song

ANE's blatant troll gassing of lil ill is the best thing to happen to this site since ANE called riffic a Pittsburgh Dominican
i write about battle rap for nevercultured

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Originally Posted by ux9 u so fine
CIA does nit worry me , report me to the FDA and see what happens
Originally Posted by mulatto mutant
i just wrote 16 on the shitter what happened to real hip hop
Originally Posted by LukeWaltonisGoat View Post
I'd watch cal battle a fucking Nintendo
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dre dennis hit my phone, i was gettin some head
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