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Originally Posted by gregrieke20 View Post
No idea how so many otherwise intelligent people find Carter Deems funny…it's like he's the "How I Met Your Mother" of battle rappers.
This is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me and I was severely bullied from age 8-16. I've never tried to make someone "get" my sense of humor and I'm not doing it now, but the comparison indicates that you think I'm going for the basic jokes. In battle rap, the dick, mom and gay jokes (all of which Ice used) are the low hanging comedy fruit. I consciously avoid those topics and try to include humor in topics that are foreign to the battle scene. And it doesn't always work.

Tbf, I make myself cringe at times, and think did I really say that.

Ice definitely 3-0 and I'm not fishing for compliments.

Writing a serious post about battle rap stinx.
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