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Wassup, thanks for asking.

The No Mask event was a matter of not having the right audio cables at the time. During the start of the event we had someone run out and purchase what they needed to run the audio through the DJs mixer and into the stream. We also used a company, not to be named, to handle the filming and broadcast.. Im not passing the blame to them for not having the right cables, but none of the equipment used was RapGrids except the cable we bought halfway through.. And if anyone remembers, after we ran through the DJ's mixer, the audio was much better.

This time around we have purchased everything ourselves (camera, mixers, cables, etc) and are flying to New Jersey with everything. So we are much better prepared.

If you have specific questions, feel free to PM me. If I can provide a broad explanation to anything, I'll gladly do so here for everyone to see.

I'm much more confident in what the product will be this time around, but I cannot say with %100 certainty that it will be perfect. But re: the audio issue from No Mask, we completely understand what happened and are better prepared this time around for there to be no audio issues.

Hope that helps.
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