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Originally Posted by dking11 View Post

Foreman was constantly RTing Youtube swindlers like Cernovich and Alex Jones, and then plays dumb when he got accused of being alt-right. Jeffrey tweeted out support for Milo. These aren't good people, and they probably aren't too sharp either if they can't see these snake oil salesmen for what they are. So sorry if I don't have sympathy. Being a republican is fine; being alt-right is weirdo shit. It's hilarious to me some of these kids think they can get away with this internet forum rhetoric in real life without getting looked at sideways.
yeah this part is where shit gets weird. they go to these extremes and i have no idea if it's how they really feel or if they play it up to be annoying but either way they put themselves in a position to have their words picked apart
I hate all your fucking schemes
I haaate alllll yoooouur fuuuckiiiing schemes
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