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The Saurus is Undefeated and Undefeatable

1. The Saurus has 4 forms, like Cell in DBZ, and nobody has beat all 4. If you do well in the first battle, he will mutate into an upgraded form and be much harder to beat. You'd have to have at least 4 battles with The Saurus to take him down and nobody has done so.

example: Pat Stay did pretty well vs The Saurus and actually pushed The Saurus into his second form in the third round. The Saurus spazzed on him with a freestyle rebuttle, and if you were watching that live, you know damn well that the entire building shook when he said it. Seriously.

2. You don't "win" a battle vs The Saurus. If you do well against The Saurus, you don't win, "everyone" wins. Congrats, you had a classic battle with The Saurus. Don't delude yourself into thinking you "won". You had a classic battle with a legend and that's commendable.

3. The Saurus has the best defense of any battle ever. If he doesn't like your rhymes, he will grimace and say a few perfectly time words that take the attention off the line and back onto him. He re-establishes himself as the dominant presence in the room. If he doesn't like your angle, it will be known. This is HIS court, not yours, and he is judge jury and executioner.

3. B. If you have a hot line that The Saurus approves of, he will applaud your line, throw his head back and erupt with jolly laughter and twirl around and and smile at his friends. This perfect maneuver re-establishes his place as king and this battle is in his throne room. And you are his court jester. You're a damn clever one, but a jester nonetheless.

4. The Saurus has achievements that are unattainable unless you have a time machine. He is like a muai thai fighter who participates in casual boxing matches because there are no muai thai leagues anymore. Congrats, you did well in a casual sparring boxing match vs a muai thai fighter. Care to try your luck with him in the ring with muai thai? That's what I thought.

5. tournament wins > battle wins.

I can beat the best Magic the Gathering player in the world on a good day if luck is on my side. But I will never be a hall of famer. Why? I haven't won international tournaments, he has. Winning a tournament and winning a battle are completely different.

Anyone can win a battle vs anyone. But it takes a hero to win a battle tournament. And it's a damn shame they aren't around anymore.

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