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Originally Posted by Water Mage View Post
Actually it takes way more brain power to argue for a nearly untenable thesis than it does to merely state the obvious

just because it is called a "win" doesn't make it so

I already explained in my magnum opus thread "10 reasons why The Saurus beat Iron Solomon".. He had better bars freestyle than Iron Solomon's forced, written multis. (you can't afford a spine" --Yep, Solomon actually wrote that)

Franco - He lost his voice vs Franco so it doesn't count. Plus The Saurus beat Franco convincingly in Tourette's and season fans know that he was not defeated in any real sense by Franco.. Besides the remote control car line was the line of the battle

PH- the PH decision was super questionable; He did not lose convingly to PH. I already explained how PH choking vs Porich caused PH to retroactively lose the battle to The Saurus by default

TOPR - TOPR and The Saurus are like Sabretooth vs WOlverine, it makes no sense to talk about one defeating the other in ONE battle..How can two titans with adamantium bones win or lose a SINGLE BATTLE... Their rivalry will span years and many battles, and in the end, Wolverine (The Saurus) wins. He always does.

Illmac - was a draw

Robin can't beat batman, no matter how delighted the fans and judges are to see Robin talking back to Batman

....... The Saurus wins the meta-battle because he won most valuable rapper on WRC and Illmac didn't. There's a reason for that. The Saurus > illmac

The other battles you mentioned aren't real battles. Just sparring matches.
LOL how can you pretend chilla vs thesaurus isn't a real battle? because he got 30'd?
Originally Posted by ux9 u so fine View Post
I'd be like

I got 4 more bars hold on ..

then rap a whole 16
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