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Finally got around to this yesterday, people weren't lying about this being a body. Some of the times where Pat was trying to make a more serious point about transgender people were less good and bit weird e.g the hypothetical prison rape scenarios but the clickbait shit at the end of his 3rd was brutal and he made me burst out laughing quite a few times in every round.

Pat's 1st was definitely the best round of the battle to me, I was dying. The first half where he was saying No Shame only gets matches because she's hot made it a lot funnier when he switched into "naaah you actually look like a full on dude". It was like one of Shuffle's concept rounds where the idea itself could be so corny but the way it was put together made it hilarious.

Lush, Dan & Caustic's reactions in this were extra funny.
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if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
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And yes, I promise you, on everything, you don't want any of this.
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I'd say Chef Trez is my Bangz

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