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Originally Posted by Ayo! View Post
Cortez robbed Ice of his manhood in round 3. That's type of shit that will make a black man reconsider life.

"In Harlem, niggas hear "Head Ice" and be like "we passed the phase"
The wolf, he don't get the same love on his ave today (wolf love)
So what he did? He got mad, complained
Moved out the hood, copped a passport, catch a plane
All for what?
To go and jump inside the master's chain
That's a shame" (KOTD chain/slave shackles)

That nigga Tez didn't just call Ice a slave, but a happy slave.

"Whatever happened to Malcolm, Martin, you know all the boycotts, the mass of slaves
Even Colin Kaepernick took a knee, that's how you stand for fame
You are the face of this league
And all you do is rap about dope and black 9s
Ice, when you gonna give us something dope bout black lives
See you know what rhymes with that?
Django, past prime, and token black guy"

Cortez completely obliterates Ice's character. Deconstructs his image as one that contributes to the death and incarceration of young black Americans all over the country instead of using his platform to promote something positive for his people.

"Now Organik, he tried to finess ya'll though, I'm gonna keep it a buck
Man what are they gonna say please
I'm the only black face KOTD got, straight cheese
I'm gonna go to UDubb, get this Shotgun Suge deposit, and rep for they league

and Organik was like (slave whip noise), uh uh boy, "You can't read?"
This part of his round was genuinely fire. The best part was that you could see it was really pissing ICE off too. Cortez may have had the best angle used against ICE in a long time... and he threw the other half of the round away.

Both Rone and Tez only lost to ICE because of their bad battle tactics.
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