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Franco discussion (plus J-Pro verses transcribed)

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Team Backpack Cypher 2 18.18%
DF USA battle with pedro 5 45.45%
B2B battle with OnlyOne 1 9.09%
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ghettonetics is better than Grind Time Antarcticaghettonetics is better than Grind Time Antarcticaghettonetics is better than Grind Time Antarcticaghettonetics is better than Grind Time Antarcticaghettonetics is better than Grind Time Antarctica
imma go more with the royal rumble tho since hes more of a freestyle guy
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MrFujiwara is not the worst person
Franco was pretty far ahead of his time. Going back to watch some of his freestyle performances are pretty incredible. At his best hes amazing but he usually runs out of steam.
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ASeriousMan is not the worst person
Originally Posted by irvsykeg View Post
give me a timestamp to the actual video, cant find it
Fantastic - the 808 line is at 2:35, immediately following the 'jumping for joy' line

edit: I've given the line as 'I got an 808 with a banging system' in this post
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irvsykeg is better than Grind Time Australiairvsykeg is better than Grind Time Australia
yeah, i think that's it, although he says "like an 808"
I'm only fucking with bosses like Shadow of the Colossus

"Nigga, I'll untwist your corn rows with a crossbow and toss your lost soul to the crossroads." - Pumpkinhead (RIP)
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ASeriousMan is not the worst person
Originally Posted by ghettonetics View Post
imma go more with the royal rumble tho since hes more of a freestyle guy
@Dirtbag Dan

At 12.30 is my favorite Franco footage tbh

Many many thanks @irvsykeg
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ASeriousMan is not the worst person
Thesaurus: Franco's so good at rapping, it's ridiculous
Lush One: he's very rhythmically based
Ock to the Weezy: Most people it's the same formula, y'know, like set up, punchline, or syllable syllablesyllablesyllable. But like Franco has yknow what I mean only one of the battle rappers who actually uses different cadences
Thesaurus: He could kill you with double time, he can kill you just out rapping you, or, he can yknow multi you with punchlines that are just as good as anyone else's
Tantrum: he could win a battle, like, just offa straight his energy and just his presence
ayo I'ma rip a freestyle yo I'm really gon be telling
you're rapping and babbling but believe me no one's feeling
fact in this / you ain't got / no creativity
you're really shitty and you don't have a dope delivery
even if you think you can predict what im gon say
you can't, kid, you never get no air play
you spit the wack raps, I'm flowmaster fat sacks,
go home, kid, I'll provide you with a backpack
I could do this straght ??, look at my surroundings
when I look at you nervous I can see your heart pounding
That's how I do it, I'll drown you in the water
you're retarded, you can't represent Santa Barbara

the flow>>>>>>>>

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I rewatched this just now,
in a noughties reverie cos of this thread:

5:08 if the time link doesn't work

edit:I can't get it to embed and have the time so I gave up

edit2: @The Saurus, I had your half of this battle saved as the lossiest MP3 imaginable on a nokia 7710 in 06-07, used to listen to that and steve vai when I was digging at work and thought that it was the most impressive thing possible in rap.

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ASeriousMan is not the worst person
TheSaurus Round 1
Franco, youíre dropping dead -
Good job on that coin toss itís the first time that youíve gotten head.
Itís a crazy concoction -
Slim shadyís adoption of Hailie Joe Osmond
I guess thatís a little bit(ch?) virgin (version?)
I guess that youíre just Miniature person
I guess that means youíre only fucking this high
Which is only a fucking uh house, uh something to do with youíre dick size [DNA take notes: this is the most graceful 'something something' ever]
I can spit sly, ainít no way youíre fucking with this guy
Your rapís a joke, back stage I slashed his throat
And the only thing left is Casperís ghost
Itís going down tonight, this clownís so white he gets sunburned on a cloudy night
I guess the fucking moon torched, that dude Saurus heís just smoked you like a Newport
Iíma blaze you like a fat gram
You canít fucking rap man youíre about to get a back hand
Cause youíre surely wack, youíre a dirty rat
but in the last round you lost to burning????????
[time, time, time]

Franco Round 1
Iím Casper and this is the ghost
Siping sniffing coke? <mystical
Your ass should be kissed
You aint really ripping shows
All you do is spit the shit you wrote
How you gonna make a lotta shit offa the top of the head when all you do is state shit thatís obvious?
You look like a fucking chair fell, and smashed you in the fucking face with your pretty? hair gel

He can predict this shit
He canít really be rippin on written with freestyles like this I be kicking quick
Nice rings, sick bro,
it looks like a pink zippo burned king hippo
I can rap that off, you get a slap because
When I see your face you can Connect the dots
I been ripping shit is very scary
Looks like a blistered bear with dysentery, shitting berries
When I come off the top on the mic
[time time time]

Franco Round 2

[it goes 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, go]
Iím really a nice guy
Donít even really mean to diss the fact that your drink the Heineken brew
Iím sick of rhyming with you, youíre going to get ripped more
Let me just erase your fucking name off this [CLIPBOARD]
You can say it for me, youíll even sound my line
Well Iíma kick this, how you want to rap this time?
You need to think of some better lines,
Cos every rhyme you spit you thought of two days ahead of time
Yeah, thatís how we do this and Iím off the top
This guyís like the MC that likes to ride my jock a lot.
I can feed MCs because theyíre sleazy, see,
Iím like Easy E, Iím fucking your girlfriend on my DVD.
Itíll go all the way, the shit that I say
Youíre a bitch and I hate the way you rip on the stage
But what you need to do is realised the truth
That youíre a person that needs to get a fucking =ifferent??
This is a verse that is unrehearsed kid
What you need to do is fucking close the curtain

TheSaurus Round 2:
[it goes 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, go]
Well this is all freestyle and its all skill
You fucked my girl on that dvd it was called small deal
Iím bout to leave you straight killed
Thatís why every time I do cos Iím the great real
What I know is that youíre getting fucking overthrown
Youíre like the kid from home alone or at least you have his vocal tone
Thatís why you can ? at home
Trying to fucking battle me but Iím the dopest known
When I thought of this ahead of time? I donít think a rap from Kevin Federlineís a step ahead of mine
Bitch Iím the fucking best thatís ever rhymed, you need to do some more Methamphetamine
Methamphetamine, that means you take speed
You got the fake frees you need to take heat
Your game plan was weak, you look like James Van Der Beek on 8 grams of tweek
Iím bout the something just [time, time, time]


Iím asking you scared bro
If youíre fat I give you a carrot nose
You need to learn your friends
Look like a sun burned burt Reynolds
I come off the top, you donít really got the freestyles when you rock the spot
At least well youíve gotten with the programme,
You can give me a carrot nose, Iím the abominable snowman
I guess the junior style Iíll overturn
Youíre supposed to learn that I gave your flows a burn
Cos Ií packing the better bars
And this guyís got the rap repertoire of Pat Benetar
Iíve got the best damn shot
To make the next man drop
Iíll kick the motherfucking flow that you said
All of your rhymes straight up over my head
I donít have any go your daughter disses
But I fucked your sister and stuck my pinky finger
In the bitch because my nuts are bigger
Cut you with the rusty scissors
How you gonna be fucking kid when I run like this
Freestyles, you ainít fucking with a freestyle off the top
You kinda look like a deformed ocelot
Yo, well you can suck my sweaty balls,
My rhymes are over your head cos youíre five feet tall
I guess that means your rapís short
There ainít no way that you can fucking pass Saurus in this rap sport
All I know is that this where the moneyís gone,
in my pocket not a friend of Sonny Wong
Iím number one folks, And I never heard of one dope
rapper thatís ever been from Humboldt
I represent Humboldt, whereíd you get your blunt bro
You get the weed from us by the truckload.
You ainít gonna bust flows
His visions must be kinda blinded from the blunt smoke
You need to switch it up and do some different stuff
Youíre a bitch and plus you looking for which dudeís dick to suck.
And the rate that we kicking stuff, after mine
When you go home and know that you wrote all those rhymes
Wrote all those rhymes? This is not written stuff
And your lips are gonna find a dick to suck.
All I know that is that they just remove the zipper
Iím the dude thatís sicker, and Iíll do your sister
I donít care if you watch,
There ainít no way this fucking dudeís thoughts are gonna fucking try to fade me
You. Not. Winning.
Lose. Stop. Spitting
[switch, switch, switch]
I been ripping it times around
why didnít you say Tupac - digital underground.
get props master beast (faster beats? Rest in peace?)and come home with blunts the freshest face
and fuck this facist weed You canít represent the west you see
It the saurus,
Hangs out in Monterey aquarium and chills with his porpoise
He flogs his dog, of course bitch
He got stabbed in every orifice by a swordfish
By a swordfish? Bitch there still ainít no way that you can torch this.
Cos Iím a fucking sweetened rhymer
You can go down on me and be a Deep sea diver
[canít make this bit out. I wouldíve said laughing all the way to the bank, because Iím not the multi king]
You want to blow me bitch Iíll give you a scubatank
Oh Iím about to give this dude the shank,
He ainít a rapper, you listen to hoobastank
Iím about to rip the mic
and hang this motherfucker by his neck from the Christmas lights
How you gon be winning see,
you look like santa slipped and fell down the chimney
And burned his face
It looks like heís kinda deformed
No one really wants to hear you rhyming no more
Iíma tell you kid, Iím a rap and slap your face
You wack disgrace
A rapper with a fucking [sounds like ĎaftertasteíÖ SWIIITCH]
No one wants to hear me rhyme no more?
This guyís a whore, and Iíma slice your spinal cord with an iron sword
I guess that you just got cut, you got stuck you couldnít win if this was a pot luck
Come on man face it, the coinís over
Iím about to destroy this poser
Actually, you got a two mex poster to move two steps closer to a true west coaster
Iím really not sure, this might possibly be the worst that I ever got served
But Iíma give props to Thesaurus
Call in the band and start rocking the chorus
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