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Announcement NBL season 10 just started

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NBL season 10 just started

any of you RM dudes have the urge to hop back in the league don't hesitate to show up. it's all love

this year is modded by Cred & it's had some nice sign ups already

where the squaaaa at?!

@KBomb @JShazo @MFTastik @Og Smokinstein @Throwback Mike @TheChef @riffic @anyone
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good lookin out Orc! Even if Cred did duck me on back in like 2010, I still have the diss track laying around somewhere.

We're about to announce a huge one off card here pretty soon but I'm sure a few of us at least would be down to hop in the league for a couple weeks here or there
Originally Posted by ErikForeman View Post
scooby doo line was nice no lie

but con go line made a don demarco come out my speakers for no reason
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Bags is not the worst person
none of u came

league poppin right dope to get some of yah over

link me to whatever shit u got goin on here an ill drop some votes if needed/wanted?
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