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Can I get some feedback!?

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KIT a.k.a. Whale
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Can I get some feedback!?

KIT - Hi Fi

this is my passion to make it real high
respect to the beatmaker, get it? Hi-Fi ✋
it is not a drive it's a fly-by buh-bye ��
every step of the way i only get higher
music you can not buy it and you should not sell
this is music for you, so to speak in a nutshell
are you selling out? well that even sounds lame
you are making a living see that's not the same
what can you share if you can not share it all?
what are you gonna give back to the hood ya'll?
you are: "swimming in money" at least share your flow
who can relate? we are all regualr people we broke yo
now that's a punch and you can not touch me ever
we shake hands with real cats we got lucky seven

we stay intact when i roll through the hood
a real nice view see my eyes under the hood
ciggy i smoke lit up with a signature sound
you "swimming in liquor", i swim in a cloud
nigga i am broke and i feel like i'm Robin!
give back to the hood come up with somethin
i deserve more rep than you can get money
at least i am broke! see how that's funny?
you can take it personal, rules of the game
this is real Hip-Hop and i win at this game
i support myself and i live with my parents
Jesus did as well maybe that is my inherence
stand in my way, nothing you will accomplish
i am warning you once and now i admonish
is your drug money really what you believe in?
believe in a better world that we can live in?
i got a higher purpose how much did you get?
did you even hear anything that i just said?

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