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Music KIT A.k.a. Whale - Radio Freedom [Prod. Leningrad]

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KIT a.k.a. Whale
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KIT A.k.a. Whale - Radio Freedom [Prod. Leningrad]

you are by yourself swimming up against the stream
you start to understand what it means to be free
many links start connecting and form into a chain
many tears from your eye go down the drain
lines of text, day by day, stitch after a stitch
sew your file with soul and fire without a hitch
while here behind bars, a guard is a boss
my Freedom is a sound inside my boom-box

to be different means to always be alone
choose what you want: profit or the hole
no one gets their freedom, given as a present
freedom has no entrance and it has no exit
you know how tea is, it won't drink itself
understand? go ahead, pour some for yourself
I'm a marathon runner locked inside a box
good thing i got freedom in my boom-box

cigarettes, tea, answers to the questions
interrogations, again interrogations
my Radio Freedom is a one way connect
dots and lines, secret code that i connect
i can not say myself but i heard many stories
how rats become mice, to end their story
You can not erase freedom no reason to try
freedom is something you got to have inside

i am free, i am an eagle in the sky
i am so free, have no fear and do not cry!
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