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Thanks for the love on October bunker card

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It'd also be cool if Chris and Dan were more organized. Don't get me wrong they're great but just trying to bring some positive criticism to an already great thing. The ppv is so much like a live sporting event it would be great to not have the commentary like "oh, so are they starting?" "you wanna talk to that guy Dan?" "should we go get head ice?" it'd be cool if they had stat sheets for each battler at the event like "so-and-so battled 40 times, averages certain amount of views, he's really good at ____" and talk about there most recent battle. use verse tracker stats n shit. Some more structure, more joe rogan ufc-ish. And u can still have the random banter. Then have the active battlers that night told to go to the ppv both after their battle so chris doesn't have to point at them etc during and yell at them to come over. then obviously random ppl can come by but it'd be so much smoother and top notch to have this and more, specific talking point etc.

I know I'm babbling and don't know if any of it makes sense but the ppv is already great so ya
Originally Posted by soul khan View Post
If Trump secures the nomination, he loses to anybody the Democrats pick... He has rendered the election literally unwinnable for the Republican party
Originally Posted by Breakneck View Post
He's not gonna come close to winning.

Edit: Vegas betting odds are historically very accurate and they have him at 14% compared to 50% for Hilary right now.
Originally Posted by Metazone View Post
bro if he wins I will go to my local shop, buy a video camera and publically say sorry to you on this forum and eric also. You have my word on that. :P
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