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Nothing important here but Tay Roc's 2nd brought a smile to my face

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Assassin Ben
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Assassin Ben is better than Grind Time AustraliaAssassin Ben is better than Grind Time Australia
Originally Posted by Trill Murray View Post

vs Pat in Canada
vs Calicoe in Detroit
vs Shotty Horroh in London
vs Verb in STL
vs Diz in Cali
vs E-Ness in Philly
vs Bigg K in VA

Also battled:
Tay Roc
Iron Solomon
Yung Ill
Qleen Paper

Thats insane.
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Topgunz is not the worst person
Originally Posted by Ayo! View Post
Yes, Corey Charron. The Smack Killer. He may be a nerd but he's amassed a graveyard of bodies. How many Smack rappers does he have to kill to get credit?

Y’all just let anyone make an account on this forum.
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Originally Posted by Topgunz View Post

Y’all just let anyone make an account on this forum.
Make your family suffer
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That's fiiiiiiire.
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iamHBY is better than Grind Time AntarcticaiamHBY is better than Grind Time AntarcticaiamHBY is better than Grind Time AntarcticaiamHBY is better than Grind Time Antarctica
Originally Posted by Assassin Ben View Post
He sucked vs. Nitty and Chess, I couldn't finish the battles. The Dizaster one should be good.

Tay Roc's got some great second rounds tbf, may be the king of the second rd

2nd vs O-Red
2nd vs QP
2nd vs Calicoe
2nd vs Surf
2nd vs Clips
2nd vs Hollow
2nd vs K Shine

Not sure if they're better the ones which you mentioned but he's had some fire rounds. He's doing the best he can with what he's got, I fuck wit roc.

Hollow's 1st vs Clips was IMMENSE
I get that Roc has gained popularity in the last 3 or 4 years, he's a hard worker who always shows up with 3 rounds and no chokes or stumbles. That said, it seems like most of the praise fans have regarding why Roc should be on the Mt. Rushmore of battle rap basically sound like the bare minimum requirements for what makes a competent battle rapper, regarding him always showing up with 3 rounds. Outside of him being prepared, compared to a lot of the other Mt. Rushmore candidates, he has a really unremarkable skill set, and not that many battles that make for a good argument for why he should earn that spot (like Verb and Hollow have a bunch of battles where you can make the argument for them being on the Mt. Rushmore, while outside of the Clips rematch and Will, I have a hard time thinking of any other signature Roc battles).

I saw brodeezy say that Roc has taken over Hitman's spot as being the performance king, but I've never seen Hitman be completely drained of energy in the last round of a battle like I've seen Roc be against people like Calicoe or Hollow (and against Calicoe, it was really noticeable that Roc was struggling to maintain having energy during his last round). If we were to compare battle rap to like mainstream rap music, to me guys like Verb or Hollow or Ars would be equivalent to how guys like Drake or Kendrick or Cole are held in high regard by mainstream rap fans, while someone trying to say Roc is in that same convo is like how I'd perceive someone saying that G-Eazy or Russ belongs in the convo with Drake, Kendrick or Cole (yes they have solid fundamentals, but are just average by comparison).

If the other top-tiers of URL circa 2012 hadn't either priced themselves out of being consistently booked or not cared in so many battles, I think Roc would still be battling the 2017 equivalent of a Rich Dolarz on a BL or Ascension card.
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