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KIT a.k.a. Whale
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KIT a.k.a. Whale is not the worst person
KIT a.k.a. Whale - Victorious

I am a winner with a past of a sinner…
I am a runner sprint faster than light
sing louder than thunder

I am a winner with a past of a sinner…
I am a runner sprint faster than light
sing louder than thunder

what's a purpose to play if not to Win?
smoke nine gram rocks like Charlie Sheen
he Was a winner and a talented dude
His choice what to do, to improve his mood
he was into drugs but this ain't about him
talk for yourself don't blame Charlie Sheen
sort out your own shit and be the best you can be
pray to stay outside of the bars living life free
my life was fucked up, i made some bad choices
i had family talking to me but i heard voices
they are in my head, 24/7
sometimes it felt like they belonged the Devil!
that voice i heard tortured me at some point
i was scared to think let alone to light a joint
i felt helpless back then and i felt no compassion
i felt so alone you can't even begin to imagine...

no one to turn to or ask for help, none
no one knew why i wept not even my mom
i used to deal drugs made more money then i need
God was not on my side and i was incomplete
i tried to kill myself dead i tried time after time
i needed a miracle and i turned my eyes to the sky
i used to always think! ask myself things that i pondered
what do i have to go through to stay afloat, not to go under?
then time came to sort my life out to make my microphone sing to make it sing loud
love and light on my mind, i cried out: Father, let go of my sins! do it right now!
this changed my life around, no more hustling drugs
i am a winner a champion i am unsurpassed!
i am who i am because of and inspite* of my past
i am this way because in God i put all my trust
i am NOT better than YOU, HIM or HER
i simply found God my way, the way i prefer!
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