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URL Survival Series Recap

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URL Survival Series Recap

Much to my surprise, alcohol and boredom created a scenario where I watched Survivor Series last night after previously deciding to not get it

My overall view is : not a great event but also not too bad as far as passing time goes (factoring out price)

OK so event starts out with a female battle hosted by Deebo;
these bitches looked like they came from sleeping in the alley, entered the venue, and just started rapping. Not a good battle. The chick Jade was extra horrible-Diesel 3-0

The Craig Lamar vs Holmzie the God was next; this was actually a fire battle-good back and forth, good moments for both but Craig was too much for him in my opinion. I saw online people saying Holmzie won but I don't see how but I got Craig 2-1
This battle was the first glimpse into the fact that this Richmond VA crowd was ASS(not biased, just shitty,) damnear wasn't letting Craig get through his shit, to the point where he even said "you ain't gotta like it"to them at some point

I went out to get some food during Snakeeyes vs Mack Mel; heard it was a a contender for BOTN (figures)-haven't tried checkin it vod yet

Moon vs Young X: X was funny, I liked his first and 3rd- the crowd wasn't really fuckin wit him tho-Moon kinda killed him first two rounds and kinda slacked in his 3rd-I say Moon 2-1 (maybe still 3-0 honestly tho)

Prep vs Franchise: Prep did well in the battle; he had a good showing imo but Franchise was fucking him up. Franchise is low key fire asf-its kinda funny that the Canadian wit the most potential of recent times got snatched up by Smack wit the quickness. I got Franchise winning every round

Jerry Wess vs Jak Boy Maine: I have never gotten the Jak Boy hype but this was a body to me; Jak was saying nothing and Jerry was low key wiggin-Jerry Wess 3-0

Ryda vs Prez Mafia: Ryda surprised me here, I generally haven't been big on either of these guys and had all but completely been done wit Prez but this was a decent battle. That said Ryda fucked him up in there. Ryda 3-0

NJ TWork vs Mr. Wavy: this was interesting-one of the examples of just using a battler waaaay too much by URL. Twork tried to ride his JC wave while Wavy tried to avenge every QP no-show and long night wit John John he ever had. Wavy came crazy. Twork did some Math Hoffa in the Shotty Horrah battle-esque bullshit in the 2nd round, just said a few lines and called "Jersey"-Wavy cooked Twork tbh 3-0

Then they anounced a surprise battle-Glueazy vs believe it or not, Chess. Smack explained that Chess wanted to redeem himself for recent performances and agreed to do the battle for free
They were really strict with time limits for the battle so it ended up being like 90 seconds-2 minute rounds
Both had kinda light first rounds, Glue shit was tight but somethin about his cadence just wasn't hittin first round, Chess got through his shit and had its moments but also had the stumbly "uh oh hes about to.." moments too-Glue got the first
second round both were fire, this round was close-could go either way, I lean Glu
Third round the Chess we know and love showed up, stumbling all over the place, then Glue had a fire round but he started to lose it at the end, altho he had already won clear, and ended wit a freestyle like "you been choking this whole battle fuck it I'm a choke too"
The throw-together nature of the battle seemed to earn them a pass and it seemed like a "fun-type"battle between the two of em

All in all, I ain't mad at it
It familiarized me wit a couple cats I been sleeping on and reaffirmed that I have been right about others

Also interesting was that Champion was covering the between battle stuff, as they have been lately, and after the battles they interviewed Smack who said he is going to be going crazy this year. He said he gave leagues the last month to get their shit off and from now on hes shutting shit down. He said Url is going to do an event every month.

Smack also accepted responsibility for Twork and Chess being less that stellar and admitted he has been putting too much on them.
They decided on Wavy as "Champion of the night"(he beat out Ryda they said)

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Haven't seen the event, heard a lot of great stuff regarding Wavy and Ryda's performances at the event. Also heard that during their battle, Snake Eyez had a slight choke in the 2nd, but that Mack Mel had a really bad choke in the 3rd. Also, Twork and Chess definitely need a break.
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