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new thoughts on verb vs lux

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new thoughts on verb vs lux

After rewatching the battle a few times, i can see people saying that lux won 2-1. Lux's 2nd was one of the greatest rounds in battle rap history. The problem is that Verb's 2nd was his best round too.

the first two rounds are debatable and the 3rd is clearly verb's but more and more im seeing lux taking the second. "fully load this 9" "showtime just not at the apollo" "this is where you take that skirt off". Lux's 2nd was CRAZY!

i prob still have verb taking the 1st and the 3rd tho

1. aye verb
2. loaded lux
3. hollow
4. geechi gotti
5. pat stay
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Ams is not the worst person
„this is where you take the skirt off“ is corny imo ����*♂️

Verb W
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