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Announcement So ux9 passed away last night... (RIP)

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Originally Posted by Abstrakt View Post
I've gotta admit something that I've felt guilt over since this happening...

ux9 was a great poster and sometimes was brilliant in some of his posts... but his negativity got really dark one day on here and I said "I wish ux9 would leave" (the site not earth)

If I in any way contributed to his death then I am beyond sorry.... this is why I haven't been posting lately. I suffer from bipolar disorder so I Def understand what he went through. Just want him and everyone here know that that was a "piece of shit" thing for me to say and if people want me gone from here I understand.

RIP brother... I assure u it was in jest
Originally Posted by Abstrakt View Post
I feel you... but we live in a different climate nowadays... bullying is now like rape and murder (hyperbole).... people want bullies killed. I know more was going on in his life obviously that led him to this but my comment could've been the icing on there cake for him. Not trying to be arrogant saying my opinion is that potent but u get what I mean.

I am sorry a thousand times
Originally Posted by Abstrakt View Post
Will watch bigg k when I get home in honor of him . He loved bigg k almost as much as Willy
hey dude,

you are all good...ive had my disagreements with ux9 on here too and we've had some vicious back and forths. the fact of the matter is, nick unfortunately had MANY issues and demons he was dealing with on a day to day, and this site and the banter was one of the few things he had that he enjoyed thoroughly. you aren't responsible for any of his real world issues at all, as he was struggling with relationship issues, vices, etc that were hard for him to conquer....this place was his release including all the shit talking...

i'll leave it at this, i talked to him one on one about a week before he passed and he apologized about the way he was acting on the site and talked to me about certain real life issues and said he loved everyone here. EVERYONE. I was pretty devastated in that I talked to him right before it happened and was left feeling like I had no impact on him and could have said or done something else to help...I couldn't have, just talking to him was enough for him, all of you talking to him kept him around for as long as he was...that's 100% on anything. I realized the bigger picture and his passing wasn't related to or had anything to do with us and if anything we kept him around for as long as he was. I know it sounds corny because this is a dumb battle rap site, but it truly meant a lot to him.

cheer up homie, you always got someone to talk to.
took this battle last second to get tied in
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