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Did Dumbfoundead basically give up on music? What is going on with him now?

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Did Dumbfoundead basically give up on music? What is going on with him now?

From what I can gather it seems like he gave up on his music career and is trying to be an actor. I just went on his YouTube channel expecting to catch up on a bunch of new songs/music videos and the last shit he uploaded was 7 months ago or something. Did he give up? Is that why he's back battling?

I remember how Jin tried to do music for a long time and then he got that stupid role in 2 Fast 2 Furious and he decided to quit music because he said the money was so much better in acting. Is this just the case with two guys or is it generally true that acting pays better than music? It seems sad that having a chickenshit supporting role in a car movie is more lucrative than doing tracks with Kanye. Then again Jin's early attempts at music kind of sucked.
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